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Sidewalk Bridge New York

Whether you do a construction or a demolition work in New York City, you don't want any loose object from your construction site to land on top of a pedestrian who just happens to walk by. To protect New York pedestrians you must erect a sidewalk bridge for every sidewalk adjacent to your work area.

New York City law requires you to build a sidewalk bridge if you do construction work at the hight of over forty feet and a distance from the work area to the sidewalk is less than half the height of the new construction, or if you do demolition work at the hight of over twenty five feet and the distance from the work area to the sidewalk is less than half of the height of the work height. You're also obligated to erect a sidewalk bridge if the work being done on the building qualifies as potentially dangerous, or if there's a dangerous condition involved, no matter what heights the work is being done on. For example, if the work requires any construction materials or debris to be lifted or moved across the sidewalk using a hoist or a crane, a sidewalk bridge is a must.

In New York you must obtain the permit to set a sidewalk bridge around the construction or demolition site if your sidewalk bridge is over forty feet in height. If the sidewalk bridge should support a scaffold, you must include the height of the scaffold within the overal heigh of the sidewalk bridge.

The permit for a sidewalk bridge should be obtained from the New York City Department of Buildings. Your sidewalk bridge permit application is an official document; it must contain the reason for the sidewalk bridge request. New York sidewalk bridge permit is effective for one year from the time it has been issued.

This may not be immediately obvious to someone unfamiliar with the specifics of construction work, but various forces affect sidewalk bridges at all times. A sidewalk bridge, according to New York City building code, must, among other things, withstand the forces of wind, including the possible upward force provided by the wind. Aerodynamically speaking, the roofing of any sidewalk bridge is a wing, and the possibility of a sidewalk bridge being lifted and dragged by strong wind should be considered and prevented when designing and building a sidewalk bridge.

Our company, All-Safe, LLC, specializes in all matters related to building sidewalk bridges in New York, and we have decades of industry experience to back up our claim to expertise. We'd be glad to design and build for you our excellent, affordable and most imporatntly, safe sidewalk bridges. Please call our office for more information: 718-389-9400.

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This 2009–Present time project combines a custom sidewalk bridge, a scaffold and a scaffold enclosure with advertisement. The address of the project is 14 Penn Plaza / 225 West 34th Street. It's a 16 feet high sidewalk bridge with 20 feet jump at the entrance, and with increase in hight at the adjacent property to clear the awning. The project is done for JRM Construction Management. 

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